Team Challenge

Team Building Challenges


We will create you a project bespoke to your objectives. You may simply want to get stuck into a community challenge with your colleagues for a day, or over several days. Or, you may want a more immersive learning experience with deeper analysis and reflection.

Whatever your wishes, our expert project leaders will teach your teams the necessary skills to lead and take the initiative. They will guide and facilitate the creation of your project which will leave a lasting legacy in your community.

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to every Splash Project which gives companies the opportunity to help those less fortunate.

Team building exercises, whether formal or informal, can play a key role in improving team dynamics while bringing corporate values to life. Our projects empower people, and when people feel empowered, better engagement and productivity follow.

Our projects become shared experiences that build trust and encourage the exchange of knowledge far beyond the final project day.

There is a halo effect too – the inspired become the inspiration, as participants are motivated to live by the values of sustainability and social impact throughout their working lives.

Splash staff and our Executive Learning Partners leverage the Splash experience to drive constructive classroom discussion in the context of your organisation’s objectives.

We are equally relevant in functional and dysfunctional workplaces, vendor/client relations or post-acquisitive environments.

For Businesses

A Team Challenge is an excellent way to reconnect staff or promote bonding after remote working or a restructure.

For Business Schools

A Team Challenge is an excellent way to bond a year-group or cohort, bringing to life what is being learnt in class, such as, agility, communications, marketing, problem solving and sustainability.


A Team Challenge can involve building a playground, developing a sensory garden or educational garden, restoring a medical or educational centre for children with disabilities, or redecorating children’s homes. We will help identify a community or charity based on your objectives.

The challenge can be a standalone activity, particularly useful after a restructure or when launching a new set of company values, or it can be incorporated into a larger in-house learning and development programme, such as Graduate Induction or Management and Leadership Development training.

Each challenge can last from a half-day to multiple days and can involve between 20 and 5,000+ participants who work together as a big group, or as smaller groups.

A two-hour planning session can precede the project build and upon completion, clients can opt for a short After-Action Review.


• Build teams and improve employee engagement
• Give participants the chance to take part in a real-life charity / community project
• Demonstrate that everyone can make a difference
• Practice project management and leadership skills
• Practice working in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment
• Improve organisational behaviour
• Develop confidence
• Inspire people to shift behaviours and policies for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

Skills gained

• Planning
• Communication
• Problem solving
• Collaboration
• Leadership
• Project management
• Risk Management and Risk Mitigation
• Innovation

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