Immersive Experiences

Enhanced team building charity projects

For an extended / enhanced Splash Project experience you may like to consider:

  • A field/study trip
  • The inclusion of an inspirational speaker presentation
  • A Strategic Management Challenge

Study/field trips offer experiential learning expeditions to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible to participants. Various activities can be included such as meeting local entrepreneurs, reviewing local business processes, developing business plans and improving infrastructure.


Strategic Management Projects give participants the opportunity to work in teams over several weeks (determined by you) drawing up on the skills they’ve learnt on their university programmes or workplaces to support an organisation in need.

We will source not-for-profit organisations and businesses in the location of your choice which need business support and then your participants will be tasked with coming up with a solution to their specified issue or ‘problem’.



Participants will have a strategic impact on an organisation that would otherwise be unable to afford management consultancy services. If you’re a business school, work can be supported by a tutor and earn students credits towards their academic courses.

We source interesting projects which have a charity/community impact/UN Sustainable Development Goals focus.

The trips could take place anywhere in the world.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong delivered a project in Zambia focusing on the impact of water supply, hygiene/sanitation and crop development on the economy.


Imperial College Business School delivered a project for a disadvantaged community in Portugal and received a motivational talk by one of our Project Managers who was one of the last civilians to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover in 2021. They also worked on a Strategic Management Challenge benefiting a total of six organisations in the Faro area.


Some of our projects for charities and schools


Working with Splash Projects has been truly remarkable; the experience from start to end was first class. The splash team was extremely professional and ensured that what we received was beneficial for our services users.

Grove Adventure Playground, UK

The end result exceeded expectations. The entire Splash Projects team were all incredibly professional, efficient, effective, reassuring, funny, and absolutely fantastic to work with.

London Youth, UK

We were immensely impressed with the Splash team. The outcome of the work was more than we could ever have expected and the children who use the garden will have many hours of enjoyment because of the efforts of all those who worked on it.

Geoff Kerr, 174 Trust

It was a wonderful experience to work with Splash. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed about the professionalism things were accomplished. I wish it would happen more often because there are plenty of unfortunate and exploited people who deserve it.

Deepashram Orphanage, Northern India

Splash has had an incredible impact. You have created a place to dream and where the possibilities are endless. This is such a tremendous contribution to thousands and thousands of children. You all served as role models for my staff, me and my kids.

Stephen Quirk, Executive Director, Youth Emergency Services and Shelter in Des Moines, Iowa

The project was extremely ambitious and I still cannot believe how much was accomplished in 10 hours. Splash were particularly clever in the way they organised, planned and facilitated the whole event. When the children came on site to experience the new play equipment it really was delightful to watch the amazement on their faces. Personally, I can’t wait to work with you again and watch another miracle unfold.

Anne Warner, Assistant Director KIDS London

We were very impressed on one hand by the technical professionalism of Splash, the result being of very high quality, but also by the used methodology. Splash knew how to plan, guide, support and manage 40 volunteers, representing 19 nations, with a lot of competence, firmness and kindness, while knowing how to stimulate and maintain motivation and harmony in the realisation.

L’ENVOL pour les enfants Européens, Paris

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