Project Options

Bespoke project options

Our projects reflect Kolb’s Learning Cycle: PLAN | ACT | REFLECT | CONCLUDE

Once you’ve selected the type of project which is right for your organisation, you can choose which of the following elements you want to enhance your experience further: naturally, every project involves innovative design and the celebratory handover of the project to the recipient charitable organisation.

1: Project Design
Our in-house designers use the latest technology in their approach to create you a bespoke project. Their innovative high-spec designs will integrate your programme’s objectives and desired learning outcomes while reflecting the needs of your charity partner.
2: Planning Exercise
Each project starts with a planning exercise in which participants are challenged to plan, allocate tasks and resources in preparation for executing the build. For enhanced learning, a more extensive planning exercise can be held the night before a project.
3: Pitstops
Two, 15-minute pitstops give participants the chance to reflect upon their individual/team goals, either verbally, or recorded within a Playbook or Learning Journal. Pitstops can feature tailored questions that are in-line with individual programme objectives.
4: Media
A Splash film is a powerful tool for reviewing the project learnings, customer/stakeholder communication and wider press and PR opportunities. Guided by one of our professional filmmakers, small teams of participants can take on the challenge of producing the film.
5: Coaching
Coaching takes learning to an even more profound level. Throughout the project our coaches will observe/interact with participants bringing about greater self-reflection and awareness, providing valuable information to be unpacked; potentially within a personalised coaching plan.
6: Handover Report
On multiple day projects the Leadership Teams will be tasked with completing a ‘handover news report’ to brief the next day’s team, documenting achievements, lessons learnt and top tips. This document can be used back in the classroom by programme leaders.
7: Celebrate Success
The Splash experience culminates with the ‘project handover’ to the people who will benefit from the build for years to come. It is an emotional and fulfilling experience as participants share in a collective sense of achievement and get a taste of the impact they have made.
8: Project Debrief
Led by the Project Manager and your Leadership Team, this ‘after action review’ session offers the opportunity for greater reflection and for the consolidation of the lessons learnt and goals achieved during the experience, connecting them back to your objectives.
9: Return on Learning
Post project, participants can take their learnings and experience back to the classroom, complimenting the curriculum and course objectives. Tools include the project film, pitstop reflections and the Handover Report.

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