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A Splash Project is an experiential learning programme involving a team from a business or organisation delivering a project for a charity or other community group, such as a school or not-for-profit enterprise. Projects range from adventure playgrounds for underprivileged children, to sensory gardens for people with disabilities, to installing running water in a remote African village.

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Once we understand the objectives of the organisation undertaking the Splash Project, we find a charity partner ideally placed to benefit most from the match. Projects can be one day or multiple days in duration and can include a planning session before the project build and a debrief afterwards for enhanced learning opportunities. They are facilitated by our experienced project leaders who give teams the tools and skills they need to have ownership of, and lead, their own projects.

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We offer team and leadership challenges to businesses and organisations as well as business schools, all of which have a wide variety of reasons for choosing to undertake a Splash Project.

New programmes for 2022 include the Odyssey Leadership Transition Programme i5.0, which is for senior leaders or future leaders, and Adventure with Purpose Challenge, which is an adventure race for small teams, involving a community project in Romania.

All our projects are created bespoke to the objectives sought.

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to every Splash Project which gives companies the opportunity to help those less fortunate and leave a lasting legacy.

The Team Challenge engages participants socially, intellectually and practically to challenge convention and rediscover the power of teamwork.

The Leadership Challenge provides dynamic environments for observation and action reflecting the reality that no single scenario or leadership model makes a great leader.

Our projects for Business Schools integrate innovative experiential learning with students’ educational programmes. Projects are created bespoke to each school and tailored to the curriculum following a consultation process.

Splash Projects are life changing. They enable participants to put into practice their learning within their employment or studies, long after their conclusion.