How a Splash Project works

Regardless of whether your project is for a small or large group, whether it’s for one day, is several months in duration, or whether it’s a Team Challenge, a Leadership Challenge, or a study / field trip, we follow our nine-step journey demonstrated below.

1: Programme Design
Our programmes are tailored to your company’s objectives, ensuring your Splash Project is designed to meet your specific strategic, operational and management goals.
2: Match
At the core of every Splash Project, there is a charity or community organisation that needs help. We’ll match you with a specific charity based on your company objectives and what you are wanting out of your Splash Project.
3: The Project Design
Our design team produces a design that considers the needs of the receiving charity and also interconnects your learning outcomes & company objectives from the programme.
4: Plan
Each Splash Project starts with a Planning Exercise. These sessions start with a briefing and then the participants are challenged to plan, allocate tasks & resources and prepare for executing the build.
5: Execute Project
During the project build days, teams must deliver to deadline to handover to the charity. Our goal is to provide challenging and fun environments to push teams and individuals past perceived limits. We begin with a Health & Safety briefing and an introduction to the power tools.
6: Media
As part of our programmes, small teams of participants take on the challenge of producing a professional project film which can be a powerful tool for reviewing and learning from the experience, customer/ stakeholder communications, Press and PR opportunities.
7: Celebrate Success
Handing over a project to the people and children who will benefit from the build is an emotional and fulfilling experience as participants share a collective sense of achievement.
8: After Action Review
The After Action Review session can be an essential step to consolidate the lessons learnt and the goals achieved during the experience.
9: Post Project
After the project build, our Splash facilitators check the project site to ensure the build is completed to a high-quality finish and complies with relevant regulations. With you, we measure how your experience has impacted your business and how to build on this going forward.

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