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Leadership Development Challenges


Leadership Challenges give participants the opportunity to ‘own’ a community project from the early planning stages through to execution. Participants have full control – they manage all nine steps of the Splash Project journey, allowing students to develop authentic leadership skills in an experiential way.

The Leadership Challenge could deliver a local community project, such as building a playground, or alternatively it could be something like an endurance event or disaster relief. We can help support the leadership team identify a community / charity based on your objectives.

Each challenge is approximately six to nine months in duration.

In the lead-up to the project day, a Management Team consisting of around 20 participants will work for two to three hours a week on the project, depending on their role. Splash experts mentor the team throughout with regular check-ins via email, Skype and in person. The Management Team will then deliver the project, assisted by as many of their colleagues as they wish. There can be 350+ participants on the project day.

Skills gained:

  • Governance / Leadership
  • Project management
  • Resourcing
  • Planning
  • Fundraising and Purchasing
  • Communications
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Design and Innovation
  • Risk Management & Risk Mitigation
  • Logistics
  • Stakeholder Management

Unique | dynamic | powerful

Splash Projects are a uniquely powerful Leadership and Talent Development tool. On site, future leaders and existing managers alike benefit by exercising leadership skills and observing their peers’ skills in action.

The discussion of ‘leadership’ versus ‘followership’ remains at the forefront of our efforts, reminding even entry-level candidates that you don’t need to be an expert, nor in a titled position, to be a leader. In leadership, one size does not fit all; becoming a leader is largely a matter of personal exploration in a variety of contexts.

Splash Projects provide dynamic environments for observation and action reflecting the reality that no single scenario or leadership model makes a great leader.

Take building an adventure playground for example; participants explore the nuances of control and the virtues of delegation and empowerment to achieve new levels of performance. Meanwhile, the importance of goals and clear communication for effective people management and effective delivery are reinforced.

Our personal experience in leadership training has taught us that leaders are not developed in a vacuum!

This unique blend of civic engagement, team building and leadership development has contributed to our success in Talent Management programmes for some of the world’s most prominent companies.

A Leadership Challenge is an excellent way to reconnect staff or promote bonding after remote working or a restructure and can be incorporated into a Leadership Development Programme.

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