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Here we introduce Splash, who we are, our ethos and the team profiles.

Splash Projects delivers award-winning innovative experiential learning programmes to develop teams and individuals through real-life community projects.  Our customers are businesses, business schools & academia, charities and communities and individuals.  Our projects improve your business performance, change participant’s lives for the better and leave a lasting legacy for communities.

  • Performance Improvement – We enable leaders and teams to be more effective, responsive and confident by challenging them outside of their normal business environment.
  • Impactful CSR – Together we make a real difference to the engagement of your people and to the community organisations we work with and ultimately leave a better footprint on the world.
  • Bespoke Service – Whether your objective is to re-engage your staff, bring them together following an acquisition / divestment, improve performance, teamwork, or support an in-house change programme, all our projects and services are designed for your specific needs.

In the 20 years since the company was formed it has trained more than 50,000 participants from some of the world’s leading companies and business schools, including Santander, BAE Systems, Bank of America, INSEAD and Heineken.

Leveraging our unique Project Delivery Model, participants are invited to strategise, plan and execute in an unfamiliar environment – offering a spectrum of challenges and development opportunities for post graduates, new employees and senior-level managers alike.

We collaborate with learning experts from the world’s most prominent institutions to design and deliver team building and leadership development programmes whose impact surpasses the average volunteer day or fundraising event.

Our Background

CHris snippedSplash Projects’ leadership team consists of former Military Forces, including Royal Engineers, Marines and Special Forces, who have led relief projects and corporate development programmes around the globe.  

The team has vast experience of working in a range of environments and in delivering leadership training. Their field of expertise ranges from Command & Leadership and General Construction Engineering to Infrastructure Support in austere environments.

Our Ethos

Our focus is community. We feel strongly about leaving a better footprint on the world and working with clients, we change people’s lives for the better, realise their potential and dreams and make a lasting difference to communities. Supported by a team of HR professionals, media gurus and specialist facilitators, we can be found with our clients building schools in the heart of the Belizean jungle, adventure playgrounds in London, classrooms in China or delivering training and aid to African communities in need. Read on to find our individual team profiles or learn more about the nature of our community projects.

Splash Community Projects - Leadership Development

Our team

Splash Projects consists of a team of qualified specialists who have delivered community projects across the globe.

Simon Poole Splash Projects team
Simon Poole
Managing Director
Steve Daniels
Non-Executive Chairman
Rachel Poole
Phillip Weeks
Business and Client Community Manager
Colin Robertson Splash Projects team
Colin Robertson
Project Director
Ben Rix
Project Designer & Developer
Andy Yau
Head of Design
Max Pegler
Project Coordinator
Darren Edwards
Project Manager
Anna Maltzoff
Business Development
Adélaïde Sassine
Client & Community Development / Développement des clients et des communautés - France
Jack Sim
Advisory Board Member
Martina Pegler
Finance Manager
Elizabeth Winfield
Action Response Project Leader
Warwick Jones
Business & Community Development Asia Pacific
Balvinder Singh Powar
Business & Training Development - Spain
Tim Poole Splash Projects team
Tim Poole
Programme Director and Health & Safety Specialist
Tim Pegler
Programme Facilitator and Health & Safety Specialist
Andrea Parkin
Programme Facilitator
Shaun Parkin
Programme Facilitator
Neil Ferreday Splash Projects team
Neil Ferreday
Programme Facilitator
Simon Young
Programme Facilitator
Wayne Stewart Splash Projects team
Wayne Stewart
Programme Facilitator
Gary Halsey Splash Projects team
Gary Halsey
Programme Facilitator
Symon Austin Splash Projects team
Symon Austin
Programme Facilitator
Paul Eddings
Programme Facilitator
Gavin Brown Splash Projects team
Gavin Brown
Programme Facilitator - Asia Operations
Joe Metcalf
Media Facilitator
Will Halfacree Splash Projects team
Will Halfacree
Media Facilitator
Simon Gm Li Splash Projects team
Simon Gm Li
Media Facilitator - Asia Operations
Adam Woods
Media Facilitator
Georges Landes
Client & Community Development - France
Darren Clarke Splash Projects team
Darren Clarke
Action Response Project Director
Tim Barnard Splash Projects team
Tim Barnard
Programme Facilitator
Billy MacLaren Splash Projects team
Billy MacLaren
Programme Facilitator - North American Operations
Nick Crean
Programme Facilitator
Eugene Evans Splash Projects team
Eugene Evans
Programme Facilitator
Mick Hampton Splash Projects team
Mick Hampton
Programme Facilitator
Mick Jarwood
Programme Facilitator
Beau Walker
Programme Facilitator
Luke Wigman
Kayak 4 Heroes team member
Jonny Huntington
Kayak 4 Heroes team member
Carl Simmons
Kayak 4 Heroes team member
Recent Project

Revitalising play and reconnecting teams in Whitechapel

An early year’s playground at St Paul’s primary school in Whitechapel that caters for 55 three-to-five year olds was revitalised as part of a project by Splash Projects in November 2020. The area, which had play structures closed off by inspectors during the summer, is vital for the children who use it – with many living in nearby high rise flats with no alternative outdoor space. The need became even greater with Covid restrictions returning to the capital. The project also afforded data consultancy DTSQUARED an invaluable yet safe way of reconnecting with each other after months of working from home.

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