The power of unity and creativity – we handed the reigns over to the students…

15 Aug 2023


Our collaboration with business schools empowers business master’s students, providing them with training and skills essential for becoming tomorrow’s global business leaders. Through a Splash Project, they also gain the unique opportunity to be part of creating real social impact.  

While our collaboration with business schools sees us manage the entire process, the IE MIM Challenge involves us creating the challenge and then handing the reigns over to a group of 10 Challenge Ambassadors who take the project forward, managing the internal and external marketing and the logistics on the day. 

This year’s challenge, ‘Go-karting with a Purpose’, involved 100 students constructing 25 go-karts for an exciting race and then afterwards, dismantling and repurposing them into delightful flower beds which were gifted to a local charity, Fundacion Manantial, which looks after people with mental health issues. 

The aim was to raise awareness about the UN’s SDG7 – ensuring access to clean and affordable energy. 

The original concept, conceptualised by Splash Projects, was expertly planned and executed by the chosen MIM leadership ambassadors, who not only managed to engage their cohort in a fun race event, but also surmounted various team challenges throughout the project. 

This is what they had to say about the project and the impact they created, as told to our Business Development Associate, Radhika Bhatia… 

Param: “Such an enjoyable time spent first on competing, then building sustainable furniture for kids. The best part was the energy.” 

Salomé Racines: “Super fun activity that taught us the importance of reusing materials to create impact in our community.” 

Vicente: “Such a super enriching experience. Incredible teamwork for sustainable awareness.” 

Adithya: “Great teamwork and an energetic atmosphere. Taking one step at a time to a sustainable future.” 

Sofía Corral: “Great experience that provided us with the tools to motivate teamwork, creativity, and commitment to a better future.” 

Leana Barbion: “One of my best leadership experiences filled with challenges and most importantly fun! An amazing way to give back to the community.” 

Dhanush Babu: “This journey perfectly illustrated the power of unity and creativity aimed towards sustainability. Let’s take forward this spirit, building a better tomorrow with every step we take.” 

Marguerita Alting von Geusau: “What an incredible leadership experience to create this event together and put teamwork, creativity and sustainability into practice and give back to the community.” 

Gergana: “A fantastic opportunity to network with people from the different business sectors for reaching our common sustainable goal while engaging the MiM community. It boosted our creativity and helped us develop invaluable professional skills while having fun with our peers.” 

Elvis M. D. Browne: “The MiM Challenge was an amazing opportunity to work with incredible colleagues from diverse backgrounds. I loved the collective sense of creativity, team collaboration and enthusiasm Splash and my fellow MiMs brought in designing and building the Go-Karts. But more importantly, I love that the challenge was purpose driven and that we worked together for a good cause.” 

Simran Khan: “It was a great experience collaborating with an enthusiastic team towards serving a sustainability goal. Amazing learnings since day one where we started from scratch to eventually the efforts showing lovely results; individuals coming together, building carts, dismantling and rebuilding them in order to contribute to the environment amidst having fun leading us to believe that sustainability can be fun!” 

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