Where there was nothing, there is now a beautiful community garden

Bank ABC | East End Homes

Over two days, 50 Bank ABC colleagues transformed a patch of grass into a space that will allow social housing residents in East London to socialise and enjoy gardening together.

“The project brought about a sense of belonging, collaboration, harmony, teamwork and bonding. You can’t get this in a work environment, in a day, with people you don’t work with regularly,” said Rajeev, participant. “Irrespective of hierarchy levels, we’re together as one building something to make a difference to the world and the community.

“We all have an obligation to give back and this is a great way of doing it at the same time building something strong internally.”

Paul Wilson, Community Engagement Manager for East End Homes, which owns and manages the Tower Hamlets estate where the project was based, said: “This project will make the space better for people and planet alike, providing new opportunities for residents to grow their own vegetables which is a wonderful pastime for mental health and wellbeing.

“It will also be a great place to bring children to learn about the natural world and for families to socialise together in what is a very built-up urban environment.”

Mo, a resident, said: “I’ve been so excited about this project, I love gardening and I want to be able to share that passion with my kids and neighbours.”

Virtually every Splash Project begins with a planning exercise the night before.

Colin Robertson, our Project Manager, told the teams: “The planning exercise is a very important part of the project, it means you will be able to hit the ground running; the better the planning, the better the delivery. We’re ready to do it the Bank ABC way…”

Alex, a participant, said: “I really believe that when you come together you can deliver so much, it’s all about having the will, caring, and wanting to do something.”

Lucy, another participant, said: “It was an incredible experience and although it’s for the community in Tower Hamlets, it’s also strengthened our community at the bank.”