We had fun, we laughed, and we learnt 

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Whatever good things you build end up building you…  

In September we joined forces with IE Business School and worked with 1,232 MIF, MIM, IMBA and Master’s students over 17 days to create a swathe of infrastructure for charities across Madrid. 

Here’s what happened…  


Over nine days, we worked with 450 students at Residencia Hortaleza, a residential home and day centre for vulnerable senior citizens. 

They built shaded decking, fruit and vegetable planters, arched gateways, a tiered pergola, boardwalks and a covered classroom. 

Paula, Charity Director, said:

“The garden and outdoor space is very important to us, this project has transformed this space into a stimulating, enjoyable and beautiful environment for our residents to work with their therapists. It will improve their day to day lives.” 

Sara, Employment Rehabilitation Therapist, said:

“This will really help in the residents’ rehabilitation process, creating confidence in them, which is priceless.” 

 Julian, MIM Student and Media Team member, said:

“Being in the media team, you get to talk to everyone, and as the garden took shape, a powerful message grew with it: the students felt great being part of something bigger than one’s day’s work.” 

Gabriella, MIM Student and Media Team member, said:

“The garden is now a sanctuary of resilience and healing. A testament to the power of unity and compassion. Together we’ve built a heaven that will bring solace and joy.” 


A spectacular electrical storm heralded rain for the day, which saw 109 students contribute to the work of their MIM peers at Residencia Hortaleza. 

Adriana Palomar, Executive Director for the MIF programme, said:

“They just met each other but started working together as a team from the first moment, it was amazing.”  

Romain, MIF Student, said:

“We’re in a privileged situation so it’s nice to do something to help others.” 

Paula Torres Castillo, Residence Director, said:

“This project will bring joy to everyone who lives here.”  


Over four days 270 IMBA students built some incredible infrastructure including an outdoor classroom, walkways and garden, for adolescents being cared for at IES La Serna de Fuenlabrada.  

Andrea Parkin, Splash Projects’ Project Manager, said:

“Many of the children live in high rise buildings with no outside space, so for them to be able to come here and enjoy the outdoors will make such a difference to their wellbeing and lifestyles.” 

Rafael, Student Team Leader, said:

“What makes a good team is clear communication and a good division of tasks, so everyone knows what they have to do. Also, fun! When you’re having fun, the work feels easier and you’re even more happy to be working hard.” 

Zsofia, Student Team Leader, said:

“This experience has been a great opportunity to be thrown into a challenging situation where you have to find a way to be efficient. But the best part was that it’s for kids, so you know that someone will enjoy your work at the end of it.” 


We saw September out with 444 Master’s students who transformed land at Residencia, Parque Los Frailes, enhancing the wellbeing of all 220 elderly residents.  

 “We were committed, we had fun and we laughed, and we learnt.  

“An opportunity to give back. To change people’s lives.  

“An experience to make a difference.  

“We left our mark. Leave yours tomorrow.” 

Splash Projects’ Project Manager Lloyd Comer told students at the start of their experience:

“You’re here to learn about what teamwork is all about. And at the end of the day, you’ll have made a difference to someone’s life, and that’s priceless.”  

Mary Enriques, Associate Executive Director, IE Masters, said:

“This is about impact. IE is trying to have an impact and encourage our students to get involved in having an impact in the world, and I can’t think of anything more impactful to do in just one day.” 

Andres, Master’s Student, said:

“What resonates most is what we were told at the beginning: whatever good things you build end up building you. Whatever you give will influence you and your community.” 

Elena, Charity Director, said:

“The garden is beautiful and has completely changed the outside space for the residents, who know it has been created with care and love for them. 

“It wasn’t used at all before and now the space will be used all the time.”