“This has been my most cherished experience”

ESCP Business School | Institute ITEP Le Petit Senart

Tangible social impact


“We’ve been together for 10 months but in the classroom, so this was something tangible to do together that’s going to count for a long time afterwards, and that’s amazing.” 

This was the sentiment of Jean Frederic, one of 40 students who rounded off their MBA in International Management at ESCP Business School with a Splash Project. 

In just three hours the students built an outdoor play train for young people being supported by Institute ITEP Le Petit Senart, many of whom have psychological and behavioural disorders. 

We were given just three weeks’ notice to implement the project which was a resounding success thanks to the students’ commitment and the dedication of our team who drove it forward. 

Parul Gupta, MBA student, said:

“This has been my most cherished experience at ESCP.” 

Jean Frederic, MBA student, continued:

“This wasn’t just about manual work, we had great conversations about giving back in a tangible way. Whatever we do, wherever we are we need to do something for people and the planet.” 

Joumana Kachour, Director of the MBA in International Management, said:

“Our mission is to prepare agile and responsible leaders who all make a genuine difference in society.” 

Professor Laura Reyer, Associate Dean for the MBA in International Management, said:

“They’re learning about the importance of team building and applying values to make society better – if they learn these two things, that’s enough.” 

Margaux Warlus Mechineaud, Deputy Manager at Le Petit Senart, added:

“Most of our children have abandonment issues, so for them to have people build all this for them is incredible for them.”