This garden is everything to our children

Deloitte UK | Place2Be

Committed to making a difference


“Together, and under the expert guidance of Splash Projects, we built various installations for primary school children in Croydon, including a castle, an ‘express train’, climbing frames and a sensory wall.

“Outdoor environments like these are invaluable to the learning and development of school children and it was all made possible by our amazing charity partner, Place2Be.

“I now officially love DIY and power drills!” 

Orlaith Donnelly, Deloitte Event Manager, sums up her team’s Splash Project, which took place in a day this May.

As part of their commitment to CSR, a 50-strong team from the Deloitte UK Croydon office in south London, built all of this and more for children’s mental health charity, Place2Be based at Castle Hill Academy. 

Karen, a project manager for the charity explains how significant their Splash Project will be to the children:

“We know that working with children in a creative and playful way is so important in putting them at ease.

“So, for children in a school setting to be able to be outside, be with nature and play alongside their peers, they’re learning about friendships, how to negotiate with others, learning about themselves and what they like and don’t like, and building confidence.” 

Julie Hills, Nursery Teacher and Deputy Head of Early Years at Castle Hill Academy, adds:

“A lot of our children are quite disadvantaged, they don’t have lots of toys or facilities nearby, and a lot of them don’t have gardens or outside space.

“So, this garden is everything to our children.”