Purpose: the secret to success of a two-hour Splash Project  

Deloitte UK | St Paul’s Whitechapel CE Primary School

Corporate Social Responsibility in action


In two hours, from a hotel conference room, 100 professionals more used to ‘pen pushing’ than wielding tools, built a train, seating and planters for local school children. 

They had no idea what they would be doing when they arrived, they were just given the word ‘Splash’ written on a piece of card. But with their employer, Deloitte UK, committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, all the financial professionals had signed-up to making a difference to others less fortunate. 

So, with a sense of purpose, we gave them the plans and the tools and supported them as they built the much-needed equipment for St Paul’s Whitechapel CE Primary School in Tower Hamlets, 20-minutes away. 

This is what Andrew Kates, Head of Internal Communications, Deloitte, UK, had to say about the experience…

“I can’t thank you all enough for everything you. The feedback from partners has been pouring in and it has been incredible. They’re an honest, straight-talking bunch too so wouldn’t pull any punches! 

“Many have said it was the best event experience they’ve had in their long Deloitte careers.  

“Thank you for being such a great team to work with – you made it very easy for us in terms of logistics.  

“The activities were an absolute hit and everyone was so inspired by the impact they’ll have.  

“They really enjoyed the slick (and succinct!) business presentation too. And the event space was perfect for the day so thanks for making it all happen.”

A school spokesperson, added:  

“The children come from quite deprived backgrounds and many of them don’t have gardens. So all this is going to make a massive impact.” 

One participant, said afterwards:

“It’s been fantastic. We managed to create something so impactful in such a short space of time. I’ve never had so much fun in the office!” 

Another participant, said:  

“It’s incredible what people managed to put together in two hours. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people. I would never have imagined that we could make something like this, and the fact that kids are going to benefit from it is an amazing feeling.”