Northern Ireland

“Priceless” – when corporates help communities

Expleo | Roddensvale School

Staff from global engineering, technology and consulting service provider, Expleo, have left a “priceless” legacy for children with special educational needs, through their Splash Project. 

We challenged the 25-strong team to build a series of interactive outdoor play equipment at Roddensvale School, Larne, Northern Ireland, which provides education for children aged 3 – 29 with severe learning difficulties. 

Staff work incredibly hard to promote the health and wellbeing of their pupils, offering a range of physical activities and outdoor play opportunities, so Expleo’s project will significantly enhance their efforts. 

John Madden, MBE BEM, School Principal, said:

“If you know one child with autism, you only know one child with autism because every child is different. 

“The Expleo team has left a legacy and enduring provision that will offer experiential learning for generations to come.

“You can’t put a price on this in terms of the value to our young people.” 

Rob McConnell, Head of Expleo in Northern Ireland, added:  

“It’s really important that corporates support community needs, and the Splash Projects model is so unique; there’s a passion in it, there’s a sense of community in it, there’s a sense of staff engagement in it, everybody’s having a load of fun and we’re leaving something that’s lasting.

“Who’s not going to enjoy that?”