One day can make a massive difference 

IE Business School | Colegio Virgen De La Vega

We kicked off 2024 with around 200 MIM students at IE Business School who built an ambitious, beautiful garden and play area for children at Fuenlabrada’s oldest school, Colegio Virgen De La Vega. 

Over four days the students built a series of structures to massively enhance the learning and development opportunities of the children, some of whom have additional needs and learning difficulties.   

They created raised planting beds, covered, seated teaching zones and play features including a train and oversized games, which will make a huge difference to the school community for years to come. 

As the students said, this was a journey of self-discovery and gave their actions value and purpose, all the while, enjoying the process. 

Pete Simmons, Splash Project Manager, told the students:

“The school community has needed this for a long time, but hasn’t had the money or the manpower. That’s where we come in.” 

Nita, day one student, said:

“Day one is an important day because we’re laying the foundations for the others, and we all know that if the foundations are weak, it’s harder for something strong to built upon them.” 

Louisa, day one student and team leader, said:

“We can take the skills we learnt on the project into our professional lives. For example, when we come across a challenge, we can think back to when we had a pergola to build, and how although at first we didn’t know how we could do it, but we did!” 

Pierre, day one student, said: “This experience has allowed us to find our strengths, to find ourselves and communicate with others. It’s been a learning curve.” 

Lucia, day one student, said:

“It makes you realise that things you do today, matter tomorrow.” 

Caro, day three student, said:

“We’re all from different countries and cultures and the purpose is building new connections and bonding, so we can achieve our goals during our course, together.” 

Ricardo, day three student, said:

“We learnt that helping has a double impact; on yourself, as you grow, and on the community.”