Making play inclusive 

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence | Woodrow High House

Impactful team building


“The driving aim of the project was accessibility, so those young people with special needs or mobility needs can access exactly the same activities as their friends.” 

  • Asti Kanaris, Head of Centre, Woodrow High House 

Play for all

In one day, a team of 100 BAE Systems Digital Intelligence employees created a series of fully inclusive facilities at Woodrow High House, a residential centre in Buckinghamshire providing outdoor learning activities and sports facilities for London Youth. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Splash Project was part of the digital cyber and intelligence company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and creating a culture of ‘giving back’.

Six teams delivered a briefing shelter, ‘challenge tasks’ including over and under hurdles, a climbing traverse wall and a cantilever bridge, all connected by boarded wheelchair accessible walkways. 


Here’s what the volunteers had to say about the experience…

Richard Betteridge, Commercial Director:

“It’s absolutely fantastic to build something that will still be going in 10 years’ time. To have built a lasting legacy is amazing.”

Robin Steel, Chief Counsel:

“It’s been a totally different experience and so rewarding. It’s so great to work for a company that gives its employees the chance to do something like this.” 

Jess Lent, Senior Procurement Manager: 

“At first I wondered how much I’d be able to get involved, but you get shown all you need to know and it’s been great to see how much of a difference you can make in such a short time.”

Tracy Howson, Head of Procurement Delivery:  

“We want a culture of giving back to our communities. There’s nothing like participating directly in leaving a legacy. We’ll all go away knowing that what we’ve created today is going to be used by generations of young people.” 

Steve Hughes, Splash Project Manager, added: “In the beginning all you have is an idea. It’s the efforts of everyone during the project which makes an idea into reality.”