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Legacy building in Heathrow, London

Collins Aerospace | Heathrow Special Needs Centre

Goats living at Heathrow Special Needs Centre have a brand new ‘mansion’ thanks to the hard work of Collins Aerospace staff.

The group of around 20 senior managers came together for the Splash Projects’ Team Building Challenge earlier this month and built the timber goat shelter in a day. The team benefited from a planning session and a de-briefing session either side of the project build.

The shelter will make a big difference to the charity which uses animal care and horticulture as part of its important work supporting children and adults with disabilities.

Jean-Marie Carvalho, Actuation Vice President at Collins Aerospace described the impact the challenge had on the team. He said: “We swapped our business dress for wellies, laptops for power tools, and together we undertook this challenging physical task to give back to the community.

“We were working together for one common cause and purpose. The team listened and showed accountability, responsibility and solidarity to get a great result  – these are the qualities we see across Collins Aerospace every day!

“A huge thanks to the team at Splash for facilitating this incredible event.”