Learn new skills, have purpose, have fun

IE Business School | Colegio Publico Julian Beste

Our second project of 2024 took us to Colegio Publico Julian Beste in Madrid with around 160 IMBA students at IE Business School.

Over four days, they built a stunning shaded, seated learning zone and inclusive play facilities including an interactive walkway, complete with a row of shops for the children, some of whom have additional needs. 

Lloyd Comer, Splash Project Manager, introduced the project to the day one team, saying:

“Today you will challenge yourselves to learn new skills, and have fun, at the same time thinking about the purpose of what you are all doing together.  

“And at the end of the day, you’ll be able to stand back and admire your efforts with the knowledge that you’ve made a difference to someone’s life. And that’s priceless.”

He added: “Attention to detail is crucial, so we alleviate any potential risks to the young children.” 

Conchita Galdón, Vice Dean at IE, said:

“This experience of building something for a school is part of the students’ purposeful journey at IE. Building something with your own hands doesn’t get more concrete. This experience is not about them becoming better carpenters but about them have a material purpose related experience.” 

Laura Sánchez, College Director, said:

“This project will have a huge impact in our community. This inclusive playground is adapted for the diverse needs of our students so will create a happy space.”

The experience had a huge impact on the students as well… 

Gabi, day one student, said:

“We’ve seen the kids wave and smile at us from the classroom; they’re so happy we’re doing this for them, and this happiness radiated all through our work. There is a purpose beyond what we’re physically constructing. It’s touching the heart of the school.”

Diego, day one student, said:

“It’s not very often you get the chance to have an experience like this. It’s very humbling. This experience has changed me.” 

Pablo, day one student, said:

“It’s been an incredible experience to give back to the community and knowing we’re going to change lives is not just fulfilling but meaningful.” 

Jose, day two IE student, said:

“It’s really, really amazing that our first week at IE Business School starts with this project.

“It’s so fulfilling to see the purpose of what you’re doing come to life immediately.” 

Ana Paula, day four student, said:

“From the moment we set foot on campus we saw the children gathering around and it immediately set a tone for the day because we saw the people we were going to make happy.  

“Seeing the sense of community and everyone working together for a greater cause has been an incredible experience.”