Inspiring sustainable thinking

Qube Research & Technologies | KIDS Charity

As part of the business’s commitment to creating lasting social change, 100 Qube Research & Technologies’ employees donated their time and effort to support children’s disability charity KIDS – revamping their Lady Allen Adventure Playground in southwest London. 

The playground features many areas of adventure play that are accessible to children in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility; partially built by Splash well over a decade ago, the makeover this November was well overdue. 

Through their Splash Project, QRT demonstrated how the business strives to live the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its commitment to instilling sustainable thinking within the organisation. 

The focus for their project was SDG4: Quality Education, and SDG10: Reduced Inequalities.

They worked together in a creative and unifying environment fostering team development and leadership skills, from agility to communications to problem solving, made more profound due to teams operating in an unknown environment. 

Suzanna Teixidor, from QRT’s Global Business Strategy, summed up how important their Splash Project was to them.  

“We have a philosophy of giving back in the communities we live and work in and have a value of collaboration,” she said. “These values aren’t just something we write on paper and this experience has made them tangible for everyone involved.” 

The project day is one segment in the Splash Project build. For this project we had a team on site six days before for site clearance and prep, and for a day after the Splash Project itself for snagging. 

Lily Radclyffe, Playground Manager, added:

“Adventure playgrounds like this give disabled children the opportunity to learn to take risks and express themselves.  

“It’s so rare that we get to have a new piece of equipment, this will make a huge difference to the children.”