INSEAD programme enhances garden life for disabled children

INSEAD | IME Clairefontaine

This one-day project in May 2022 involved a 29-strong team from INSEAD’s executive business programme enhancing a garden for children with severe disabilities with the charity IME Clairefontaine in central France.

The team, made up of American and British aerospace technologies personnel, got stuck in and created multiple builds including a cabin to house some of the therapy animals, with wheelchair access. A shelter for an equine chair lift, previously stored under a tarpaulin, was also created, as well as storage shelving and the extension of a 20sqm shelter.

A bespoke low platform, with wheels, was also built to allow severely disabled children who are only able to lie down, to be wheeled around the garden at the same level of the flowers.

Project Manager Tommy Trindall, said: “This new platform gives the children a whole new perspective among the flowers. Within minutes of it being built, it was being used. One of the manager’s puppies jumped on the kids and licked their faces which they loved. The effect it had was really quite amazing.”

Tommy added: “The next day the team had a tour of the local area planned, but they said they’d rather come back and build more stuff for the children.”