What 43 people can do in eight hours when they have the will to do good 

INSEAD | EHPAD residential home

43 people, eight hours, 1km wood, 4,350 fixings, one forklift truck, five Splash members… 

When all these things were combined in January 2023, a drab, empty outdoor area was transformed into a beautiful therapeutic space. 

The transformation took place at an elevated terrace at EHPAD residential home in Nemours, France, by a team of INSEAD executive education students. 

Where there was nothing but bare slabs, residents can now do some gardening or just enjoy being outside on their own, or with family.  

Improving quality of life

Elisabeth Balmy, home director, said: “A project this complicated would have been impossible for us to have found the budget for, so we are very lucky to have INSEAD and Splash Projects.  

“We had nothing here before. This project has created a beautiful and enjoyable space which will enhance the quality of life for our residents who will benefit from it every day.”  

Force for good

Thomas Hellwig, INSEAD professor, said: “We like to think of ourselves as the business school of the world, but also business as a force for good.  

“Through our Splash Projects we get to bring people together and have a great learning experience and have an impact on people in the community. This is why we do it.”  

Common goal

One of the executive education students and volunteers, Jeff, said: “Some of us knew each other, some of us didn’t, so the project took us out of our comfort zones and brought us together as a team to work towards a common goal.” 

Amazing experience

Another participant, Nova, said: “This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.” 

“When we got here, there was nothing apart from concrete, but when we left it was a really nice area for people to relax in, it really was amazing. 

Creating dreams

Splash Projects Project Manager Tommy Trindall, added: “We create the aspirations, the dreams of the charities we work with.”