Hong Kong

How goats are helping make the world a better place 

Qube Research & Technologies | Crossroads Foundation

Team building for change


Goats are playing a starring role in engaging people across the generations with global need.

For their Splash Project, over two days, 30 Qube Research and Technologies professionals built a shelter for eight rescue goats at the Crossroad Foundation’s urban base in Hong Kong. 

This not-for-profit organisation, founded in 1995, has several arms; its Global Distribution facet involves the distribution of aid to more than 50 countries each year as well as to in-need communities on the doorstep. 

David Begbie, Charity Director, explained:

“Our goats draw people in where they learn about and engage with the charity’s work. So the team’s job wasn’t ultimately building a goat shelter, their work was about impacting the planet.

“The goats weren’t the end goal; the goal was that people and companies start working with us. So, the world really can be impacted because of something as seemingly simple as eight goats. 

“Every screw, every hammer, every nail has affected change, the net result is going to be a world of change.” 

A QRT participant, added:

“Normally we build software, today we’re building hardware. This experience really embodies caring towards your colleagues, the wider community and the world at large. 

“It’s really fulfilling to be able to give back. 

“Back at the office we don’t have many opportunities to work with one another, so this was a chance to get to know colleagues.”

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