Helping strengthen community ties in East London

Acqua di Parma | Eastend Homes

In June 2022, a team of 20 from Italian fragrance company Acqua di Parma spent a day creating an attractive area for housing association residents in Shoreditch, East London.

When we asked Eastend Homes what they would most like from their Splash Project, they requested a selection of planters and seating areas to help bring the local community closer together.

“The Splash team was there for five days in total and there were a few occasions when residents cooked for us and came out to feed us,” says Operations Director and Project Manager Phil Weeks. “They were so grateful for what we were doing, this was their way of thanking us, which meant a lot to us.”

When we’re on site, if we find we can help our charity recipients in other ways beyond the confines of the project brief, we will. Here in Shoreditch, the Splash team noticed a nearby recreation area in a state of disrepair so made a few improvements, sprucing it up nicely.

Ultimately, this project was about providing a space for residents to socialise with one another close to their homes, in turn improving the overall wellbeing of the community.