Five hours of meaningful fun

INSEAD Executive Education | Ellen POIDATZ Foundation

“This was fun with meaning. The meaning gives the motivation and pride, and within that structure is fun.” 

This is what Frederic, an INSEAD Director, said about a recent Executive Education cohort which took part in a Splash Project in August at the Ellen POIDATZ Foundation, north central France. 

Stephanie, the charity director, said: “Our job is to support people with a range of disabilities to realise a meaningful working life.” 

Following a planning exercise, in their five-hour project, a team of 30 professionals built planters, sail shaded central seating and a hard-roofed seating area. 

Lloyd Comer, Splash Projects Project Manager, said: “Prior to the pitstop, things were going a bit slow and it was a bit disorganised; there was lots of inactivity. So the pitstop was a chance to refocus our efforts, reallocate the manpower and prioritise some areas of the build. Things definitely gained momentum after that.” 

Participant, Dorothee, said: “We know at the end, what we’ve built will benefit a lot of people for years to come, so everyone can be proud of that.”