Bringing peace and happiness to an empty space

Qube Research & Technologies | Gladiolus Place

Social impact in Singapore


In two days, 20 Qube Research & Technologies professionals transformed a courtyard at a women’s refuge in Singapore.

The team from the IT department, located in the city centre, built an attractive outdoor pergola seating area and flower beds at Gladiolus Place to support the healing of vulnerable, neglected or abused teenage girls aged between 10 and 21.

Working with two teams of 10 on each day, the project is one of our smallest builds this year, but will still pack a powerful punch.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Abigail Wong, Senior Partnership Manager at the centre, explained:

“The area has become a therapeutic space where our girls can sit after school and chit chat with their friends, as well as being an area which can be used for outdoor therapy sessions.”

Splash Projects’ Projects Director, Colin Robertson, commented:

“Our project experiences allow people to shine outside of their normal work environments, revealing qualities you don’t normally see in the office.

“For businesses wanting to support their communities and make a positive impact in society, Splash Projects are a far better way of going about this than writing a cheque because of the impact it has on the team.

“A lot of the participants had only recently joined the business so didn’t know each other well, so got mixed up and stuck in working together. It’s a win-win situation.”

Jerome Guerville, CEO at Asia Pacific QRT, added:

“The project has allowed us to do something meaningful outside of what we do in our normal, daily working lives. The team’s efforts have brought peace and happiness to the space.”

On the project day, Frank Yu, CTO at Asia Pacific QRT, summarised the objective of the project for the professionals:

“I want my team to work together and get to know each other to work more effectively,” he said. “We’ve been really successful, so we wanted to do something to contribute to society.”


Throughout the day, participants offered soundbites about the impact the experience was having on them…

“This experience has made us feel good, and others feel good.”

“It’s been really good to get to know each other through social impact.”

“The environment has definitely been more collaborative that what we’re used to; communication has been key.”

“It’s really good to know that our company cares about the community, and we’ve had the opportunity to build something for people less fortunate than ourselves.”

“It’s been nice to do something different and spend time with our colleagues in a different environment.”

“This experience has allowed us to approach problem solving outside of our comfort zones which requires a different sort of communication than we experience in the office.”