Projects & Services – complete listing

Splash Projects offers a number of different types of customised Projects and Services, depending on your needs.

All Splash’s Projects & Services are designed to develop teams and individuals through community projects.  If you have a question on any of the Projects & Services listed below, please contact us.


  • CSR Challenges give participants the opportunity to help those less fortunate and leave a lasting legacy in the community.  Central to every Splash Project is the idea that charitable organisations must benefit and that participants must take initiative.
  • Team Challenges builds on the CSR Challenge, giving participants the opportunity to grow into a self-aware and highly effective team, reinforcing your vision and values.
  • Leadership Challenges builds even further, giving leaders the opportunity to hone a wide variety of Leadership and Management skills on a real-life project.
  • Rapid Response command tasks provide students with a series of challenges / disaster relief scenarios to work through.  Every student will have the chance to lead at some point in the day – testing Strategic Thinking, Communication and Problem Solving skills.  Rapid Response command tasks introduce global issues and the Sustainable Development Goals, helping students understand how to contribute to society and make a difference.
  • Study / Field trips offer experiential learning expeditions to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible to students.  Various activities can been included such as meeting local entrepreneurs, reviewing local business processes, developing business plans and improving infrastructure.
  • Community Projects that are delivered online.

It’s worth remembering that all our projects challenge participants regardless of their age or experience level.  Our goal is to provide demanding yet fun environments to push each teams and individuals past their perceived limits.


In addition to the various projects, Splash Projects also provide several services, which can be “bolted” on to our projects or purchased separately, including

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