Malaysia recce

22 Feb 2024

Our MD Simon Poole took some time out from a two-day project in Singapore today to travel into Malaysia and recce three locations for potential projects which would focus on sustainable development.

Simon’s excursions took him in-land around 100km from Singapore as well as out on the water. His explorations weren’t just geographical but conceptual too and involved consideration over how a collaboration could incorporate ‘kampung experiences’.

Kampung (village) spirit refers to a traditional rural way of life valuing community; in modern day, technology saturated Singapore, there is an inevitable disconnect between today’s generation and this treasured heritage.

Kumpung experiences are both educating and enriching, seeking to reconnect urban dwellers with their familial roots. 

Splash Projects has many years’ experience operating in South East Asia and we’re always looking at future prospects in the region, so watch this space!

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