Making a Splash in Zambia 

13 May 2024

This month we helped fund a truck and a bore hole in rural Zambia


This month we joined forces with two organisations committed to sustainable development in Zambia to bring water to a remote community.

Earlier this year, the African country declared a national emergency due to experiencing the driest agricultural season in 40 years and the worst drought in 20 years. 

With Splash Project Facilitator Meghan Poole, already on volunteering trip in the region with the Butterfly Tree Charity, our MD Simon, Meghan’s dad, decided he wanted to do something to help too. 

So, with Village Water – a charity which brings safe water to impoverished communities throughout Zambia and Mozambique – we jointly funded a truck for NGO, ECHO (Empowering Communities Helping Others) Zambia.

ECHO Zambia drives social development across the country, and its work includes installing manual boreholes in remote communities. 

So, in addition to the truck, we funded the establishment of a bore hole, bringing fresh water to a village too.

Ian Stone, CEO of Village Water, explained the significance of the new truck in rural Zambia: 

Many communities we work in face geographic isolation and difficult to access due to the terrain. In these regions, a lack of suitable transportation often hinders the delivery of essential materials for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects.  

“A truck specifically designated for transporting these materials is a valuable addition in overcoming logistical hurdles.  

“With improved transportation capabilities, we can expedite the delivery of essential supplies such as pipes, pumps, sanitation equipment, and construction materials to remote areas where they are urgently required. 

“Costs for transporting these materials will be significantly reduced, and we will no longer be dependent on the schedules of transportation teams. 

“This will enable us to accelerate the implementation of WASH initiatives, thereby improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities for countless people.

“By investing in infrastructure such as trucks for transportation, we are not only addressing immediate needs but also laying the foundation for the future of the projects we implement.  

“Therefore, the provision of resources like trucks for logistical support is a crucial step towards achieving comprehensive and sustainable development within our plans.” 



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