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8 Mar 2024

Veterans helping veterans


This February we threw our weight behind a multi-faceted initiative led by former elite Paratrooper and CIA Asset Anthony Malone, who has received national acclaim for enduring 190 days of captivity and torture by the Taliban (2021 – 2022). 

The start of the initiative involved a team of Splash Project Managers, all veterans, spending several days dismantling a large adventure playground in southwest London belonging to disability charity KIDS.

Wandsworth Borough Council paid for the dismantling of the playground and then we covered the costs of transporting the salvaged timber to Bologna, northern Italy, where it will be recycled into a new playground.

The playground is located at a site which is being developed by Mr Malone as an International Veterans’ retreat for veterans and their families, the first of its kind in Europe.

On a nearby site to the Veterans’ Retreat, a model Afghan village has been constructed by veterans, friends and locals, using recycled timber donated by Crossroads Foundation, to be used as a filmset for production companies. The funds generated from the facility will fund the Veterans’ Retreat.

In 2011, Splash Projects facilitated the build of Lady Allen Playground for KIDS Charity with 500 Royal Bank of Scotland employees. It is now in need of an upgrade and we are on the lookout for a business partner to enable us to return and construct a new, fully inclusive, playground.

More about the mock Afghan village

Mr Malone, who was awarded two Veterans Awards (Inspiration of the Year and Lifetime Achievement) for his bravery in Afghanistan, explained:

“One of our most asked questions is why did we choose Italy for site, and in particular the mountains of Brisighella? The short answer is that it looks very similar to certain parts of eastern Afghanistan.”

Filming will begin shortly on ‘Honour Bound’, about the life of Mr Malone who incredibly survived three years in a notorious Afghan prison. Surrounded by terrorist leaders running bombing groups around the world, he secretly acquired and passed out information which located high value targets, stopped planned bombings, saving thousands of lives, and neutralised numerous murderous groups.”

The construction of the film set was filmed by U.A.V. Drones based in the UK. Visitors were also able to see some of the newly converted buildings and the Humanihuts which are foldable, adaptable shelters.

Mr Malone, added:

“This project was all about a positive mindset and bringing people together, and it’s been a great success.”

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