Before & After

24 May 2023

When we leave, where there was once concrete, turf, or an untidy patch of waste land, there is vibrancy, a sense of unity, and purpose.

Our projects are designed bespoke to fulfil both the learning objectives of our business partners, who provide the teams which take part in the projects, and the needs of the charitable organisations, for which they are for.

What they all have in common though, is that they transform underutilised spaces which promote social cohesion, mental health and wellbeing, with some facilities supporting physical rehabilitation.

The other thing they all have in common is that their impact is long-lasting.

These ‘before and after’ pictures from a selection of projects throughout 2022 and 2023, showcase the physical transformation that occurs. You’ll have to use your imagination (or read about some of our projects here) as to the way all this infrastructure transforms people’s lives…


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