Why do a Splash Project?

INSEAD MBA students with Splash Projects and Salvation Army assembling

Why do a Splash Project?

(There are many reasons, but these are the main ones!)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Central to every Splash Project is the idea that charitable organisations must benefit and that participants must take initiative.  Many companies are keen to help local communities and charities.  Splash Projects facilitates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) whilst helping their staff develop.
  • Experiential Learning – Learning is best achieved when it is directly experienced.  A Splash Projects takes participants outside traditional academic settings to help visualise their strengths and acknowledge weaknesses.  By doing something unfamiliar, invariably, mistakes are made and unforeseen circumstances must be accommodated, but each challenge is viewed as a learning moment.  Taking ownership of a project, and especially one that is tangible and meaningful, is what cements learnings from Splash into experience relevant to the workplace.
  • Sustainable Development – We incorporate sustainable development into our challenges, our designs and the way we operate.  Many of our project directly support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (many of our projects support multiple goals) and we are keen to encourage others to do likewise.  The goals we support the most often are SDG3 – Good Health & Wellbeing, SDG 4 – Quality Education and SDG10 – Reduced Inequalities, and SDG17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

In addition to CSR, Experiential Learning and Sustainable Development, a Splash Projects provides world-class opportunities for team building, reconnecting staff and leadership and talent development for all our participants.  See below for more details.

Team building

INSEAD and Splash Community Projects - Leadership Development

Team building, whether formal or informal, can play a central part in developing teams and their capacity to operate effectively. Taking participants outside the context of the everyday workplace, Splash Projects engage participants socially, intellectually and practically to challenge convention and rediscover the power of teamwork.

Whether teams are decentralised, cross-functional, or multi-disciplinary, our aim is to push boundaries and create more effective working relationships. By observing peers contributing to a tangible outcome (which is often not the case in the office), our projects become shared experiences that build trust and encourage the exchange of knowledge far beyond the final project day.

We understand that organisational objectives can shape development. With this in mind, Splash staff and our Executive Learning Partners leverage the Splash experience to drive constructive classroom discussion. We are equally relevant in functional and dysfunctional workplaces, vendor/client relations or post-acquisitive environments.

Contact us to learn how we can contribute to your team building initiatives.


Splash Projects recognises that teams are better together.  Zoom, Teams, Skype and conference calls are fine for the short term – especially as a way to continue during these unprecedented coronavirus times.  When the lockdown is relaxed, however, we must have strategies in place to ensure that teams reconnect with each other, with management (and their revised vision & values), with customers and with the local communities.

Watch this short video about reconnecting staff to find out more.

Splash Community Projects - Leadership Development

Leadership & Talent Development

Splash Projects are also a uniquely powerful Leadership and Talent Development tool.  On site, future leaders and existing managers alike benefit by exercising leadership skills and observing their peers’ skills in action.  The discussion of Leadership versus Followership remains at the forefront of our efforts, reminding even entry-level candidates that one need not be an expert nor in a titled position to be a leader.

In leadership “One-size does not fit all” means that becoming a leader is largely a matter of personal exploration in a variety of contexts.  No single scenario or leadership model makes a great leader, favouring the dynamic environment of a Splash Project to action and observe.  Through building an adventure playground, for example, participants can explore the nuances of control and the virtues of delegation and empowerment so that they might achieve new levels of performance.

Our personal experience in leadership training has taught us that leaders are not developed in a vacuum.  By interlinking the process of building a team and encouraging leaders we can reinforce the idea that goals and clear communication are an integral of managing people and delivering effectively.

The unique blend of civic engagement, team building and leadership development has contributed to our success in Talent Management programmes for some of the world’s most prominent companies.

Contact us if you’d like to more about our services and how we might contribute to your internal initiatives or collaborate with an Executive Learning Institution of your choice to deliver something special.

Recent Project

Fondazione De Agostini build wheelchair-accessible exercise area for Associazione CAF Onlus

On a sunny September Saturday in Milan, Splash Projects led 50 participants from the Fondazione De Agostini in the construction of a very ambitious wheelchair-accessible exercise area which included a table tennis table, battle-rope run, skittle alley and a pull-up and dip station. The team also converted the existing shed into a small gym. All this was done to benefit the children and teenagers from Associazione CAF Onlus.

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