INSEAD Comments

INSEAD Comments
March 17, 2020

Here is just some of the great feedback we had from INSEAD MBA students over the last year:

Brilliant, fast, practical, real – nothing like anything you can learn sitting in business school rooms!

Wonderful organisation, real conditions and invaluable management experience.

Amazing individual and group experience, pushing individuals under time and environmental pressure, taking them out of their comfort zone. Working in a completely different environment gave me the opportunity to believe in my own skills.

It is fresh, like nothing I have done before. It took us out of our comfort zone and made us realise that with the team we can achieve astonishing results, even if we don’t have any experience in the matter before.

The fact that it was organised so well, that it actually felt unorganised and therefore made it feel like we completely owned it!

Learned an enormous amount about my leadership ability, motivation & coordinating teams, and the importance of buy-in.

Thank you for organising! Splash is the biggest confirmation so far that INSEAD is the right choice for me.

I underestimated my own capability. It made me realise that everything is possible with the right planning, extra hands (it’s important to ask for help when needed). It was truly a transformational experience.

The project was spot on in achieving its vision- it provided a platform for us to improve the wellbeing of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and facilitating communication and” bonding between strangers.

I have never had such an empowering experience.

Great experience to learn about different leadership styles – which ones are effective & the importance of when to step back.

Good way to know team mates rather than doing team building programmes with no meaning.

The Splash team were great. They knew when to help and support us and when to stop. The balance was perfect!

We were all exited and pushed ourselves to the limits. We also saw what we can accomplish if we put our heads and hearts together.

Thank you for the opportunity and for making it one of the best learning experiences in my life.

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