Gary Halsey

Programme Facilitator

Gary Halsey Splash Projects team

Gary spent 34 years with the Royal Marines Band during which time he had a wide range of experiences and responsibilities through operations around the world. He saw active service at a young age as a stretcher bearer and medic during the Falklands Campaign. Whilst serving on board HMS Ocean, Gary administered disaster relief following Hurricane Mitch, by ferrying aid by boat up and down the River Coco to areas of Nicaragua and Honduras. As the principle Trombone player in the Royal Marine Band his duties were as diverse as a special sea quarter master driving Aircraft Carriers for the Royal Navy, to conducting a volunteer band and performing solos in the Royal Albert Hall. Gary is now a serving member of the 6th Rifles Army Reserve.

With a passion for water sports, Gary is a British Water Ski Federation Ski Instructor and Ski Boat Driver and also runs adventure courses for the military. Throughout his life he has always had an aptitude for building which has included building boats with his father, to a recording studio for the band and most recently a large extension at his home. This experience has proved invaluable across a range of Splash Projects, including working alongside teenagers to enhance their skills needed for future employment.

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