Colin Robertson

Project Director

Colin Robertson Splash Projects team

Colin left the British Army in 2007 after 24 years’ service as a Royal Engineer. He is a qualified Electrician, and has been actively involved in planning and construction tasks in Canada, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Within his service career he has been a Senior Instructor within the Royal School of Military and been a member of the training and design team working closely with the senior command element of the school.
Since leaving the forces Colin has been a project supervisor in a number of large construction tasks, managing construction projects within an £8 million budget.
Over the last 10 years Colin has also been working in his spare time renovating properties, he has now completed 6 properties and is on the lookout for his next challenge.
Colin has recently returned to Splash Projects after an extended holiday of 10 months where he and his wife bought a motorhome and drove across Canada and the USA; don’t make the mistake of asking to see his photographs of the trip.

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