Fantasy-themed bike track completed in Singapore

A 110-metre fantasy-themed bike track has been completed for MINDS charity in Singapore.


The INSEAD MBA Class of 19D in Singapore has completed the construction of a bike track for the children of Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). This project has been built by both the 19D MBA cohort and also last year’s 19J MBA cohort. The charity now have an incredible space for their children to practice cycling and develop their coordination and strength.


When asked to about what they had learnt about leadership and working as a team, the students from the Class of 19D replied:

“Just go for it! Stop thinking and…do it!”

“Today I am trying to ask for directions more and not be the one to jump into the action first and just have a little bit more time to reflect on what I am doing”

“Trying to be more impulsive, making decisions without having all of the data”

“I’m working on being more assertive”

“I’ve been trying to stand back and coach more instead of just jumping in and doing”

“Learnt how to drill for the first time!”

“Being more observant to others and seeing how I can help”

Minh Lai, the Managing Director of the MBA Programme at INSEAD, had this to say about the INSEAD MBA Splash Projects:

“For these Splash Projects, the value is two-fold…

For starters, it adds value to INSEAD on the institutional level. It shows that INSEAD are good community citizens and by doing this project we are showing that we are contributing back to the community.

The other value is that this experience provides an important opportunity for new students to connect together and to do a real team-building event. This helps set a foundation within the group before launching the students into the start of the MBA programme.”

Here’s the project film for January 2019’s INSEAD MBA Splash Project in Singapore:

To see the photos from this INSEAD MBA project, please visit this link

Thank you to all of the students involved for their efforts and INSEAD’s contribution to improving the lives of these children…

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