Introducing the Odyssey Leadership Transition Programme i5.0

Creating responsible leaders of sustainable impactful change as we navigate the 5th Industrial Revolution – i5.0

Coming soon, our brand-new Odyssey Leadership Transition Programme i5.0 has been expertly designed to create responsible leaders capable of making a long-lasting impact in an ever-changing world.

The six-month programme is a passion project of our longstanding coaches Chris Marren and Patrick Parker and represents a new dimension in the Splash Projects offering which will take individual and collective learning to an even more profound level.

There are 24 spaces available on this exclusive, hybrid – in-person and virtual – programme aimed at individuals interested in enhanced leadership.

Odyssey will kick-start with a virtual on-boarding session that leads to a five-day residential at a venue TBC in London, which will include the delivery of a community project, group and individual debriefs and different daily practices.

Then, over six months, the ongoing, experiential learning journey will incorporate meaningful interventions on an individual and group level with virtual and in-person sessions and touch points.

Splash Projects director Simon Poole, said: “Our vision has always been to facilitate change that positively impacts individuals, organisations and the community.

“This programme builds upon our world-class business model in a hybrid format, combining our deep knowledge of learning in project mode and quality coaching. This approach will enable greater awareness of how we can influence the way we experience change and how we can respond in an impactful way.

“Inspired by Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance core values, we strive to reinforce how these translate in our professional context and beyond.”


What you get:

  • Insight into your leadership style and its potential impact
  • Empowerment and knowledge to develop your leadership power and behaviour for the future
  • The tools to be an effective change agent

How you get it:

  • Experiential hybrid learning through the delivery of an impactful community project
  • An engaging and effectual course format employing unique coaching styles
  • Intuitive guidance from experienced and empathetic coaches


Over the years, Splash Projects has worked with 55,000 participants, representing millions of pounds worth of truly impactful projects to communities, teams and organisations across every continent. The inspiration for Odyssey came from years of listening to the valuable feedback from the people we’ve worked with.

Patrick and Chris, who have a combined 26 years working with Splash Projects, describe the programme as a “new kind of Splash learning journey”.


“The continuous learning mode has been designed to create greater awareness of ourselves and others and transform thoughts, feelings and emotions into tangible learnings,” explained Patrick. “These outcomes can then be embedded for long-term sustainable impact to companies, organisations and individuals.

“Our goal is to encourage responsible leaders who create long-term value. This is why we’ve also created a community of practice where participants can continue to learn, share and stay connected, not only with their peers but with those from other cohorts, building a powerful, likeminded network.”


With professional development and talent retention key to the success of business, this unique experiential leadership programme is for executives, senior leaders and future leaders.

To find out more, email our Business and Development Director Phil Weeks,



Some of our projects for charities and schools


Working with Splash Projects has been truly remarkable; the experience from start to end was first class. The splash team was extremely professional and ensured that what we received was beneficial for our services users.

Grove Adventure Playground, UK

The end result exceeded expectations. The entire Splash Projects team were all incredibly professional, efficient, effective, reassuring, funny, and absolutely fantastic to work with.

London Youth, UK

We were immensely impressed with the Splash team. The outcome of the work was more than we could ever have expected and the children who use the garden will have many hours of enjoyment because of the efforts of all those who worked on it.

Geoff Kerr, 174 Trust

It was a wonderful experience to work with Splash. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed about the professionalism things were accomplished. I wish it would happen more often because there are plenty of unfortunate and exploited people who deserve it.

Deepashram Orphanage, Northern India

Splash has had an incredible impact. You have created a place to dream and where the possibilities are endless. This is such a tremendous contribution to thousands and thousands of children. You all served as role models for my staff, me and my kids.

Stephen Quirk, Executive Director, Youth Emergency Services and Shelter in Des Moines, Iowa

The project was extremely ambitious and I still cannot believe how much was accomplished in 10 hours. Splash were particularly clever in the way they organised, planned and facilitated the whole event. When the children came on site to experience the new play equipment it really was delightful to watch the amazement on their faces. Personally, I can’t wait to work with you again and watch another miracle unfold.

Anne Warner, Assistant Director KIDS London

We were very impressed on one hand by the technical professionalism of Splash, the result being of very high quality, but also by the used methodology. Splash knew how to plan, guide, support and manage 40 volunteers, representing 19 nations, with a lot of competence, firmness and kindness, while knowing how to stimulate and maintain motivation and harmony in the realisation.

L’ENVOL pour les enfants Européens, Paris

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