Excellent, fantastic, creative, incredible – a few words to describe Splash staff 

3 Oct 2023

We love celebrating and thanking our business and business school partners – all around the world – for all their hard work bringing Splash Projects to life. 

Here, we want to take a moment to celebrate Splash Projects’ staff, from our designers who are based in our HQ in Exmouth, UK, and bring the visions of our charity partners to life, to our Project Managers and Facilitators who work super hard prepping the sites in the lead-up to the project builds, guide the teams on the day making sure everything is delivered to the highest spec and on deadline, and then take charge of the snagging afterwards. Not forgetting our talented Media Facilitators who work with a small group of participants to film the experience and then go on to produce an impactful film of the project. 

Highlighting their tremendous skills and positive attitudes, here are a few comments, all made this September, about some of them.  

We’re proud to have you!  


Jose Luis Gomez, Headteacher, La Serna(IE IMBA) 

“Andrea, thank you for everything you and your team have done for the school. It has been really easy working with you. All of you are excellent professionals.” 

Ed Sauven, The Grace Network, Stroud (St. James’s Place) 

“Thank you so much for your team’s incredible hard work. Steve, Pete and Daz were fantastic and adapted so well to this place. Nothing was too much effort, our staff loved having them around.  

“And, despite lower volunteer numbers than expected on the day, everything was completed as planned which was very generous. Steve was such a pleasure to work with.” 

Thierrry Pouplier, Director, Institut Les Parons, Aix-en-Provence (ESSCA) 

“Dear Andrea, Shaun and Dan, thank you from the bottom on my heart. Your humanity and values are extraordinary.” 

Japan Kaur, Student (ESSEC IMBA, France) 

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Splash team, what a wonderful experience it was.” 

IE Business School Master’s student, Saman G 

“I had the privilege of working with John Holden as part of the media team to capture the ‘why’ of this year’s Splash Project. With no prior experience in media, I learnt the art of capturing a story.” 

Jonathan Norris, Headteacher, Rainow Primary School, Macclesfield (St. James’s Place) 

“The whole project was a very enjoyable and successful whirlwind.Since we were put in touch with Splash in the summer, they were incredibly positive, creative, receptive to ideas, and solution focused.

“Jim and Liam, our project managers, were incredible. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and they went out of their way to achieve and exceed our expectations.” 

Claire de Ruiter, Forest School Leader, Rainow Primary School, Macclesfield (St. James’s Place) 

“Dan, thank you so much for listening to the children’s ideas and adapting the design. Jim and Liam, you worked your socks off with the SJP volunteers to get everything done in the timescale. What an achievement between you all.” 

Mariano Andres Gigena-Kazimierczak, IE Master’s student

“I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the leadership team and to have been able to share my insights in an interview which was captured and edited into a brilliant story by the incredible John Holden.” 

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