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26th July 2021

Charity Match in India

The Salvation Army in India was delighted to be a recipient of a Charity Match in June 2021, when they received two oxygen concentrators from a company in China. The medical supplies firm, which wishes to remain anonymous, was impacted by the spiralling number of Covid crisis in India and wanted to help. They contacted…

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13th May 2021

Rachel’s Story

When Splash’s Rachel Poole was finally let loose on a Splash project she couldn’t have anticipated the difference she would make … to herself .

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18th March 2021

Nightingale Hopsital

Splash Projects helped construct valuable outdoor seating space and planters for the Exeter Nightingale hospital with the Network Rail team.

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4th March 2021

Conscious team building is essential

When the pandemic is over, will we return to an office environment? There is no doubt that the pandemic has permanently changed how and where we work. Thank goodness for recent advances in technology that have allowed staff the freedom and flexibility necessary to continue being effective.

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25th February 2021

Business is the Community

Tom Peters says Business Schools should be shut down because all they teach is marketing, finance and quantitative rules and that “people stuff” and “culture stuff” gets short shift.

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16th December 2020

Splash Projects on Taskmaster

As the final episode of this series’ Taskmaster airs this week in the UK, we take a look back at when one of our projects made a special appearance on series 7… The ‘finish line’ on this taskmaster episode was part of a previous Splash Project build in 2017. This project was built back in…

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22nd October 2020

Team Development project covered by El Mundo

Splash Projects recently completed an incredible 7-day team development project in Madrid with the MIM Students from IE Business School, constructing a beautiful roof garden at the Laguna Care Hospital. We were delighted that this super project won the attention of El Mundo, a major printed daily newspaper in Spain.

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12th October 2020

Is working from home an erosion of social capital? How to reconnect staff.

While we aren’t in the office, what can we do to replace the chit-chat?  There’s only so long that we can trade off casual conversations that took place 8 months ago and every Zoom that we’ve attended since then is an erosion of social capital. 

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11th September 2020

Action Response: Pushing the boundaries like James Cracknell

Splash Projects is also delighted to introduce its own “Action Response” challenges – adventures with a purpose that will be open to any team of 4 to 8 to take part.

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6th August 2020


As we launch the new Action Response Challenges, we are proud to be the lead partner of the first ever all para-team to take on a 1400km Kayak from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This is a true adventure that demonstrates the pioneering mind-set we can ignite in your teams to push boundaries and demonstrate what is possible…

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Watch Splash In Action

Take a few minutes to watch some of our projects in action

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Over 210 MIM (Masters in Management) students from IE Business School in Madrid got a foretaste of topics they will be learning about over the coming year – including agility, communications, teamwork, problem solving and sustainability – by completely transforming a rooftop terrace into a therapeutic garden space for the Alzheimer’s residents and their families at Fundación Vianorte-Laguna.

Unfortunately your computer cannot view YouTube videos. The good news is that you can download the video using the link below and then watch on your computer.

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INSEAD 20D MBA - Community Challenge Fontainebleau

The INSEAD Community Challenge in Fontainebleau saw the 20D MBA students revamp this outdoor space into an all-inclusive, wheelchair-accessible outdoor trail for the children of Croix-Rouge Française IME Clairefontaine. This new facility will give them a space to discover, use and enjoy with other children and staff of the centre

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