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In partnership with world-class Business Schools and Academia (including IE, INSEAD, CEDEP and CUHK), we support learning programmes such as MBAs, Masters in Management, Masters in Finance, Executive Learning and more.


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INSEAD MBA 50x50 Business School & Academia Testimonials

Brilliant, fast, practical, real – nothing like anything you can learn sitting in business school rooms!

Wonderful organisation, real conditions and invaluable management experience.

Amazing individual and group experience, pushing individuals under time and environmental pressure, taking them out of their comfort zone. Working in a completely different environment gave me the opportunity to believe in my own skills.

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Comments from the students of INSEAD MBA
France & Singapore

TIAS 50x50 Business School & Academia Testimonials

This was perhaps the most impactful session during this destination. It was the extremely well conceived and implemented. It was of far greater impact to me than any classroom session I have every been part of. What I felt and learned that day will stick with me forever and will be something I can apply immediately in my work.

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Comments from the students of TIAS

IElogo 50x50 Business School & Academia Testimonials

I am very proud to have taken part in this wonderful human project. Teamwork in the service of others is our main strength, and we were able to demonstrate this together.​  Thank you to IE Business School and Splash Projects Ltd for this wonderful opportunity to participate in a project that will change the lives of hundreds of seniors over the years.  Ahmed Benabdeljalil

It feels so gratifying to actually see our team’s impact on this amazing project. I really appreciate the effort that each of us put. Everyone was just helping each other, and we were all active and ready to get our hands dirty. ​ Thanks to all you guys!’  Domenico Mattia Franchini

On September 21st we were lucky enough, as IE business school students, to take part in a very special event. We had been informed that our contribution was directed towards the construction of a terrace on the roof of the Laguna foundation. For this purpose -during a week and until the final result was reached-, each day a different team was in charge of a specific part of the project.

On the first day, my colleagues and I were on the second shift and the final result was still quite far away. At that point, our role was to continue the work that the first group had started in the morning. It was really exciting to see how different people were connecting so well from the very first moment and how in spite of the obstacles we faced due to the lack of experience, there were always people willing to help.

I have to admit that, even at first, I felt quite out of place, little by little and with the support of all the participants, I managed to improve both my carpentry and construction skills and I came to enjoy this unique experience.

In short, the atmosphere was unsurpassed, and the satisfaction was absolute. When I left the foundation that Monday, I could not imagine that a small contribution could have such an impact. I only have words of gratitude for the Splash team and for IE business school. It has been a pleasure to be part of this initiative and I hope it is one of many to come.   Paula Mayero

Comments from the students of IE Business School

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