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It’s a real achievement for your team to complete a Splash project and we want to help you to celebrate and continue the learning experience 

Our team of photographers and camera operators will create a bespoke film and provide photos of the project. 

You can then work with our PR team to use this for:

Social Media:

We can help you to post your contribution on networks such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to share your experience with a wide audience

Internal Communications:

We often use film during our detailed After Action Review to help embed learnings, which can be brought back to improve your customer experience. Film can also link multiple project days, or be used for post-project learning afterwards. The final film can help you engage with a wide audience within your organisation as they share the experience with you.


Aligning closely with your brand and values, produce content for a wide range of outlets, talent recruitment and presentations.

Learning & Development Films:

We can work with you to use the film to produce content for e-learning platforms to preserve the key learning outcomes and bring them to a wider group of staff.

Creative Team Experience

Splash regularly places film production at the centre of the project, emphasising the importance of marketing and the creative processes. Focusing on your company brand and values (and those of the charity), we challenge your team to script, produce a story board, and edit a film that can be used for a range of purposes, including demonstrating your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in action

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