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Splash Community Projects team - Leadership Development


Splash Community Projects is a UK-based company that delivers innovative experiential learning programmes through real-life community projects.

We help our clients and partners achieve business objectives while helping charities and community organisations

Led by former British Forces

Paratroopers, Commandos, Military Divers and Royal Marines

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Founded in 2000 by Simon Poole, our leadership team consists of former instructors from the Royal School of Military Engineering who have led relief projects and corporate development programmes around the globe. As former British Forces and Royal Marines, our field of expertise ranges from Command & Leadership and General Construction Engineering to Infrastructure Support in austere environments.

Today, we collaborate with learning experts from the world’s most prominent institutions to design and deliver team building and leadership development programmes whose impact surpasses the average volunteer day or fundraising event.

Our focus is community

Supported by a team of HR professionals and specialist contractors we can be found with our clients building schools in the heart of the Belizean jungle, adventure playgrounds in London, classrooms in China or delivering training and aid to African communities in need. Read on to find our individual team profiles – click on each photo to read more about them. Or click through to learn more about the nature of our community projects.

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Our team

Splash Projects consists of a team of qualified specialists who have delivered community projects across the globe.

Simon Poole Splash Projects team
Simon Poole
Managing Director
Steve Daniels Splash Projects team
Steve Daniels
Non-executive Chairman
Rachel Poole Splash Projects team
Rachel Poole
Director of Communications
Gerlinde Silvis
Organisational Development
Chris Marren
Project Director
Philippa for Website
Philippa Waddell
Director of Film, Marketing & Communications
Website pix - Suman
Suman Kalpanath
Legal Executive
Tracey Munro
Finance Manager
Andy Peters
Project Manager
Luke for website
Luke Kelsall
Project Manager
Colin Robertson Splash Projects team
Colin Robertson
Project Manager
Tim Poole Splash Projects team
Tim Poole
Project Manager
Tim Barnard Splash Projects team
Tim Barnard
Project Manager
Simon Gm Li Splash Projects team
Simon Gm Li
Andy Yau
george 12
Georges Landes
Executive Coach (France)
Gavin Brown Splash Projects team
Gavin Brown
Operations Manager - Asia
Darren Clarke Splash Projects team
Darren Clarke
Operations Manager - Africa
Billy MacLaren Splash Projects team
Billy MacLaren
Operations Manager - North America
P1000964 (3)
Matt Williams
Project Manager (Canada)
Karl Jinx Splash Projects team
Karl Jinx
Neil Ferreday Splash Projects team
Neil Ferreday
Nick Crean Splash Projects team
Nick Crean
Ben Stirling Splash Projects team. Web designer on the media team.
Ben Stirling
Web designer
Eugene Evans Splash Projects team
Eugene Evans
John MacKinnon Splash Projects team
John MacKinnon
Alan Griffin Splash Projects team
Alan Griffin
Gary Halsey Splash Projects team
Gary Halsey
Mick Hampton Splash Projects team
Mick Hampton
Spence Booth Splash Projects team
Spence Booth
Symon Austin Splash Projects team
Symon Austin
Tom Gallagher Splash Projects team
Tom Gallagher
Wayne Stewart Splash Projects team
Wayne Stewart
John Leighton Splash Projects team
John Leighton
Paul Hewitt Splash Projects team
Paul Hewett
Will Halfacree Splash Projects team
Will Halfacree

Watch Splash In Action

Take a few minutes to watch some of our projects in action

Unfortunately your computer cannot view YouTube videos. The good news is that you can download the video using the link below and then watch on your computer.

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Building Teams, Developing Leaders

Splash Projects is all about developing leaders by taking them into the heart of communities where they can deliver ambitious community projects with tight deadlines. Experiential learning with impact.

Can't see the video? Download it here

Unfortunately your computer cannot view YouTube videos. The good news is that you can download the video using the link below and then watch on your computer.

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INSEAD MBA Singapore 15J gives back to the Salvation Army Gracehaven

Armed with all kinds of power tools and team spirit, INSEAD MBA students in Singapore take on building a playground for children at the Salvation Army Gracehaven. The results are amazing!

Can't see the video? Download it here

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