Lee Randall

Programme Manager


Lee served 14 years with the Royal Marine Commandos learning his craft of training and developing teams and completing 5 operational tours. His career saw him operating in diverse environments from the frozen Arctic, to the jungles of Central America and deserts of the Middle East.  This experience was taken forward as an officer in the United Arab Emirates Army as an advisor and mentor to local instructors. During this period of 8 years he successfully adapted his training and leadership style to recognise cultural differences and achieve project goals under challenging conditions.

Since leaving military life, Lee gained experience in the commercial sector working in oil and gas as a training co-ordinator, team leader and provided operational support during high tempo international drilling campaigns.  He was instrumental in developing logistical systems and an integral part of operational planning.  His ability to lead by example and remain calm under pressure was demonstrated in several campaigns in France, USA and Saudi Arabia.

Both his military and civilian experience has made him adept at inspiring and motivating teams using an innovative approach to training, encouraging individuals to take ownership of their learning and take responsibility for their outcomes. Prior to joining Splash Projects, he gained carpentry experience in the building sector.

Lee is a member of his local boxing club where he enjoys challenging its members by putting them through their paces during tough physical training. He is hoping to gain his coaching qualification soon.

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