INSEAD Japan Tobacco International – November 2018

As part of their INSEAD Executive Education programme, 32 participants from Japan Tobacco International (JTI) recently completed a 1-day Splash Project in the Fontainebleau region, their second Splash Project this year.

The receiving charity, ITEP/SESSAD de Brunehaut have a mission to welcome children, teenagers or young adults who present psychological difficulties expressing themselves by behavioural disorders seriously disturbing their socialisation and their access to the schooling and the learning. ITEP’s combine therapeutic, educational and pedagogical interventions within the same institutional team.

The staff at ITEP/SESSAD de Brunehaut briefed Splash Projects for a covered seating area for 14 people and to include a ramp and surrounding planters.  This area would allow educators to sit and reflect on things with students in the open.

On the evening of the 11 November, the participants from JTI took their seatings in a lecture room at INSEAD’s Fontainebleau campus and were introduced to Splash Projects and briefed about their community project. The planning exercise began and the group organised themselves into task teams and started to distribute duties and planning the use of their resources.

The morning of 12 November, the participants arrived on site to a pile of timber and they began their Splash Project build…

IMGA0522 1 INSEAD Japan Tobacco International   November 2018

The project had a complex design which forced the group to work collectively in a constricted space. The teams worked on various sections of the build including the table and benches, planters, windows and the main structure.

The team almost completed the build for the charity handover, having left just the roof. This gave the group a chance to reflect on how they worked during the Review on Learning session, the morning after the project day.

JTI INSEAD Japan Tobacco International   November 2018

Congratulations to all of the participants involved in this project, the area will allow educators to sit and reflect on things with students of the charity and give them a communal space to gather outside.

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