International Brewing Company completes bicycle project

Employees from an international brewing company travelled from all over the world to INSEAD Fontainebleau to take part in the HIMAC 2019 programme.

The project was for the ITEP / SESSAD de Brunehaut charity, who desperately needed a facilities to store and repair the children’s bicycles. The charity supports 82 children aged 6 to 16 years with psychological disorders.

The night before the project, the 44 participants gathered for the planning exercise where they were presented with the final design of the build… a set of three bicycle storage facilities and three bicycle obstacles of varying difficulty for the children to use once they repaired their bikes.

HIMAC 2019 Collage International Brewing Company completes bicycle project


With the rain pouring down in the morning of the project day, the team hit the ground running with high spirits.

Being made up from employees from all over the world, the team had a chance to assess what each nationality brought the project and experience different team dynamics with new working relationships.

Valerie Fleury, the Chef de Service at ITEP/SESSAD had this to say about the project:

“Every time we have an experience with Splash and INSEAD, it’s a great demonstration of solidarity for the children.”

The team overcame the wet conditions and pushed right to the final deadline to deliver the project to the charity.

19 02 INSEAD Hein after International Brewing Company completes bicycle project


Thank you to all the energy and commitment that the entire team showed during the Splash Project and we hope that these facilities will be used for many years to come.

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