New Zen Garden in the woods

Recent Splash Project completed with CEDEP’s General Management Programme (GMP) sees the completion of a new Zen Garden for the IME La Sittelle charity.

The charity provides a day school for children, both boys and girls aged between six and 16 years old. The children have intellectual difficulties deriving from: personality or behavioural issues, serious communication and relationship issues, or pervasive developmental disorders, autistic disorders, or finally significant sensory or motor related disorders.

The charity wanted to improve the outside areas of their site that were not being used to their full potential. They chose a specific area in their woodland for this Splash Project…

IMGA0477 1 New Zen Garden in the woods

A design of a relaxing Zen Garden was produced that included seating areas, stepping pads and small planted areas, which the participants of the programme had to then plan and build in a single day.

The purpose of this Splash Project was to help facilitate the three main focuses of the General Management Programme, which were:

  1. To get to know team colleagues quickly, enabling the cohort to connect with each other, respect each others decisions and execute together
  2. Enable participants to experience a different way of doing things and put into practice their learning throughout the programme
  3. Experience VUCA scenarios in an unfamiliar environment to maximise learning

The team successfully completed the Zen Garden, which the children from IME La Sittelle will be able to relax and grow plants:

18 11 CEDEP GMP FinishedPhotos 1 1 New Zen Garden in the woods

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