CEDEP Euro Pool Group – January 2019

In January, the two subsections of the Euro Pool Group, Euro Pool System (EPS) and La Palette Rouge (LPR) underwent a CEDEP programme which included a 1 day Splash Project in Château-Landon, France.

IMG 1484 2 CEDEP Euro Pool Group   January 2019

27 members of the Euro Pool Group were tasked with building a Splash Project for the Chancepoix EPMS, who are entrusted with 140 young people to help them develop their wellbeing, socialisation, citizenship, health and hygiene, and to offer emotional and psychological support. The build included a fenced area with a sensory tunnel, a relaxation area, a play sandpit and a small pond and insect hotel to attract local wildlife.

The after the project was handed to the participants during the planning exercise, they organised themselves into teams and planned who would be working on each task. Each participant was asked to think about their personal development goals and to work on them during the project day. This was done so that each individual could reflect on their own personal goal post-project.

During the project day, the teams had ‘pit-stops’ to give them a chance to assess their progress and discuss their team dynamics…

IMG 1454 1 CEDEP Euro Pool Group   January 2019

After a cold and briefly raining project day, the team completed their Splash Project and handed over the build to the children of Chancepoix EPMS. It was great to be able to work with such an amazing organisation for this project!

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