Graduate Programmes

INSEAD and Splash Community Projects - Leadership Development


Splash Projects can play a unique role in the design and delivery of graduate programmes.

We capitalise on the enthusiasm of students to help strengthen relationships within cohorts as they collaborate to deliver a meaningful project. Through this process we allow them to recognise their own and others’ abilities, teach them how to work in teams, and challenge them to operate outside their comfort zone.

Hands-on experiential learning is a perfect complement to traditional academic settings, providing unique challenges and memorable shared experiences that build more effective teammates and lasting relationships.

Our programmes:

  • Channel the initial energy and optimism of a programme to provide a meaningful experience
  • Provide students with a shared purpose by giving back to communities
  • Serve as an inclusive team challenge that helps students get acclimated
  • Cultivate a shared experience for students seeking to build networks
  • Allow students to use their hands to deliver a tangible product as a team


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