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On a Leadership Challenge, participants have the opportunity to “own” a community project right from the early planning stages through to execution.  Full control is given to the participants to practice the skills they need and they manage all nine steps of the Splash Project journey.

The Challenge is an excellent way to reconnect staff (e.g. after a lockdown / furlough / remote working) or bond team members after a restructure.  It brings corporate values to life and improves employee engagement.

Participants get to learn and use their project management skills for good, and they learn by doing what is being emphasised within work context.  (The Leadership Challenge can be incorporated into a Leadership Development Programme.)

The Leadership Challenge could deliver a local community project (such as building a playground) or alternatively it could be something like an endurance event or disaster relief.  Splash can help support the leadership team identify a community / charity based on your objectives and what you are looking to achieve from your Splash Project.

Each challenge is approx. six to nine months in duration.  A “Management Team” (of about twenty participants) will need to work for two to three hours a week on the project depending on their role.  Splash experts mentor the Management Team throughout this time via regular check-ins (via email, Skype and in person).  The Management Team then deliver their project, assisted by as many of their colleagues as they invite to join them.

There can be 350+ participants on the day of the event, of which about twenty form the Management Team.  The skills gained include:

  • Governance / Leadership
  • Project management
  • Resourcing
  • Planning
  • Fundraising & Purchasing
  • Communications
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Design and Innovation
  • Risk and Control
  • Logistics
  • Stakeholder Management.


Over the last nine years, Splash Projects has successfully run a Leadership Challenge as part of Santander’s Senior Management & Leadership programmes.  Their Leadership Challenge is branded as the “Santander Big Build”.  The staff are tasked with overseeing the full Community project from inception to delivery (over six to nine month timeframe) whilst being supported by Splash coaches.   They deliver their seven-day project with the help of their colleagues.  The objectives of the Santander Big Build include:

  • Leadership development for all managers
  • New managers have an opportunity to lead
  • Talent is identified
  • Enhanced team-building dynamics at all levels
  • The importance of Corporate Responsibility is emphasised which fosters real pride in the company

The film below shows how Santander integrated their Leadership Challenge into their Senior Management Development and Management Development Programmes.

Recent Project
Splash Projects with Satndander and Young Epilepsy-inside-union-jack

Santander Consumer Finance UK: Big Build 2014 Completes another project for Young Epilepsy

Splash Projects and Santander Consumer Finance have collaborated once again to contribute to Young Epilepsy UK in Lingfield, Surrey through its annual “Big Build” project. Working with children under the age of 25, Young Epilepsy aims to brighten the lives of those with epilepsy and associated conditions. Their rehabilitation, educational and healthcare services are supported by 100 years of world class expertise and programming for parents, providers and professionals.

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