IME La Sittelle

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IME La Sittelle is an organisation funded by the French Healthcare System (L’Assurance Maladie) under The Medical and Educational Institutes (IME).

Their mandate is to accommodate children and young people with intellectual disabilities regardless of the degree of their disability. 

The primary objective is to provide special education and rehabilitation programmes for a range of psychological conditions in order to help the children progress, socialise and be reintegrated into society. They cater for a range of challenges including personality disorders, motor and sensory disorders and severe communication disorders. 

IME La Sittelle offers the following services:

  • Full-time and half-board residential accommodation backed by an educational programme designed to cater for the needs of their clients. 
  • The management of medical and paramedical care.
  • Specialist support depending on individual need, for example speech therapy.
  • Additional extracurricular activities.



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