Ellen Poidatz Foundation

ellen poidatz 450x354 Ellen Poidatz Foundation

The Ellen Poidatz Foundation (Fondation Ellen Poidatz) is an institution founded in 1919 that provides educational, health and wellness services to kids, adolescents and adults coping with a variety of motor, psychological and sensory disorders.


The Foundation’s facilities are adapted to attendees’ specific needs and include a multidisciplinary rehabilitation centre for orthopedic, urological and neurological (and musculoskeletal) conditions. A school for the motor-impaired treats a range of disablities while the Reverdi unit addresses psychological challenges. Other areas provide special educational services for intellectual disabilities and social disorders.

Splash is honoured to have such a longstanding relationship with the team at the Ellen Poidatz Foundation. Their commitment to education and rehabilitation is exemplary and our clients are thrilled to see the incremental progress of each Splash Project.


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